Committing cut in timeline

Hi guys,
I want to hard commit a cut between two shots but keeping the handles (the head on the first shot and the tail in the second one)
The opposite of “X”
Is there any hot key for it?

If you have the exact same source on both side, you can use the shortcut “Remove Match Cuts”.

If you do not have the exact same source and are on at least Flame2022, you can create a Container with the 2 shots and then use the “Commit Timeline FX” from the commit submenu in the Timeline Context Menu.
Note if you have vertical TimelineFX you may want to remove them inside the container and reapply them afterward.

I tried creating a container following your suggestion but the container stays after committing the timeline FX.
It never gets committed but I found that if on top of the container I add an extra fx like a CC and then I commit it the container gets committed too.
Crazy that a cut can not just be selected and merged and have to go through all this workaround.
Thanks for your help!

It’s not a one-button push, but it’s not that complicated: select the two clips, create BFX, then commit BFX. It will leave a single clip in the timeline with original heads of clip 1 and tails of clip 2.

EDIT: I guess this is pretty much the same thing Philippe just said.

Yes, is not complicated I just have to do it on 100 shots :weary:

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If you make a hot key for Commit TL FX, then it is 2 keystrokes instead of 1. (BFX doesn’t have a hotkey, but container does) I suppose both methods depend on you having 2022.