Cooling tower

With upgrading my SSDs to 4Tb ones inside my flame and with it being close to summer im starting to think about whether i need to invest in some outside case cooling. What do people on the lower end of the scale use for computer cooling? I have looked at cooling racks on ebay but really not sure what im looking at needing and most are way to big to go pick up easily. any thoughts? ( on the small end i could just wack my server PC and my linux box in a rack and get it cooled down efficiently?

Are you running a prebuilt or homebuilt workstation? Are you already running into temperature issues? How is the ambient temperature of the room?

If you’re homebuilt, you can get a lot of improvement by making sure your fans are pointing in the correct direction. I like in at the bottom and out at the top/back on account of heat rising and all that.

If you have an HP, it’s probably doing that already.

These folks have a variety of different fan options for rack mounts, component cooling, DIY, full on ducts, etc. A lot of times for cooling in racks or contained spaces like under a desk, it helps your temps more to pull exhausted hot air out and away from the gear much more than trying to blow room-temp air through it.

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no issues whatsoever, i just want to pre empt any and do it right. I have a dell tower for the flame so prebuilt. My server has great cooling fans i built that one. I just saw more posts about SSDs overheating so was kind of worndering if i shoul dplan on a server rack …

oh yeah! i used them in an older house to cool my garage down as the heat from the door was intense and flowing up into house. That wooden rack is beautiful for home theatre…

Do you use an enclosure for your system?

I fecked around with all sorts of AC Infinity stuff. My Amazon guy must think I own a grow house by now. In the end, the only thing that really works is a mini split. It’s pricey, but worth it.


but is a rack needed first to direct airflow or do you think its not actually that important. I assume every little bit helps but my next step would be to move my flame box away from my desk and into a rack, and then the split air would then be the icing on the cake…

This maybe old school but, have you thought a portable Air conditioning unit? maybe noisy but will keep you cool aswell. Or if can get a full size one installed there not too expensive, quiet, and can also produce heat in the winter,…

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Yes, a classic server room configuration has a cold aisle and hot aisle. Is that nice? Of course. Do you need it? No. You’re at home just trying to keep yourself and your machine from melting. Chuck in a mini split and call it a day.

nice! thanks Randy, i was always thinking it was the next step in cooling, but a little split would be just fine too! thank you for the advice!

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