Copy entire text box to an other segment or clip (TX TL FX)

Added a TX TL FX and typed some text in the textbox (I think a textbox this called Layer in Flame)

Copy/paste text to an other “text-box” is very easy, but I am wondering if it’s possible to

  • copy/paste the entire textbox to an other segment or clip, if possible to the same position as the text was copied from?

Thank you!

If you save the text setup and then go to the other node and load… choose “Multiple Text Setup” and it will load the saved one and keep what was already there.

Thank you very much bryanb for this advice. It works very well :slight_smile:

One questions remains: Is there a reason that Flame does “suggest” to save this text-setup under /opt/Autodesk/project? Or is it the same if this text-setup file is beeing stored on an other volume (in my case on an external SSD)?

You can save the setup anywhere. The project location is just the default.

Just grab the effect from segment A to segment B and it gets copied.

The process I described is if you have some text already in segment B and you want to add (not replace) the text from segment A.

Add a layer on top and copy the text effect on the new layer.

That works too but it’s a pain working on the bottom layer and you want to see the layer above. Context views in text don’t work very well.