Drag/copy gap fx to reel

am I crazy but my muscle memory has me alt shift copying a gap fx to reel so I can drop into another timeline - work with clips or other BFX but no longer for gap fx??

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Which version of flame? In this version you have to drop it into the TL FX bin… you know, that thing on the right side of your UI you’ve ignored without realizing?

ahhhh well dayum… I actually have used it for grab ref - lil clunky but did try!

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ok oh smart one - whats the key on my PC keyboard that is the powerbutton looking hotkey for the panel - its command and a circle with an arrow

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Ah. That sounds like the Escape key.

Command Escape me thinks

winner winner chicken dinner! (well with your kids chicken nuggets!!)


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Anytime. Have fun!

sooo much fun!!

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Reviving an old thread here… dragging a single-layer GapFX to a reel hasn’t worked since TL Explorer was introduced. I can see how TL Explorer could be helpful in certain workflows but it doesn’t work for me.

My workaround is, with the desired timeline displayed, SHIFT+click to select the desired GapFX AND a segment from a layer below. With both selected, do a SHIFT+ALT drag from the timeline to a desktop reel.

This gives a clip composed of a source segment on V1.1 with a Gap bfx on V1.2.

Delete the V1.1 source.

Now you have a re-usable Gap bfx like we used to enjoy, with no TL Explorer needed.