Timeline soft fx copy

hi all

im struggling today to think of how to copy every soft effect from one layer onto another

what i have is 15 shots with an action resize on, and 15 matching shots above in need of that same action applying.

is there a way i can copy each shots effect and paste it sequentially?


You can re-link that layer? Just inverse of what you want but result should be the same.

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its overly fiddly from me - im creating a manually conected conform so i can make my life easier later on…

was just checking if there is a way to do it thanks


thanks for the video but thats not it

imagine if u have a layer of matching shots above that layer, but different fx on each shot and u want to copy shot01s soft effect up to the new shot01 above. fine if its just one, but now imagine u want to copy shot 01 to shot 04s fx and paste them above…

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Nope, dont think so.

Just Ctrl+C on the original segment then Alt + V (Flame hotkeys) on the segment above.

Boom, boom, boom…done!


I totally understand the need. I do this regularly myself when creating another aspect ratio version of the same edit. Should be doable with python. Maybe?

exactly what im doing…