CoreAudio and BMD on mac

Hello all, I am trying to make audio work on my mac using core audio and BMD for video on flame 2023.0.1 and it does not work. I get the following error message attached.

It seems that now the init.cfg file needs to have both entries Audio and Video keywords the same.
If I have Video as None, then core audio works, but I have no monitoring.

I know that this was possible on previous versions of flame

Can this be possible on 2023.0.1?


It won’t….if you are using bmd, then you need to select bmd for both audio and video.

Theres some possible solutions discussed a week ago….

Here… Still can't use a different audio monitor path

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thank you Adam, just read the solutions discussions, that helped
Ana :smiley:

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I really do think this is something that should be solved Autodesk side for future.
Resolve has the capability to select audio output independently, and it seems that this is cropping up constantly, especially with us mac based users.

Shouldn’t have to use some arbitrary 3rd party software, or a hardware based splitter, to make this work.

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