Corrupt rotation axis and batch setups

Hi folks!
I have a really annoying bug in 2022.x on an (intel) Mac. My rotation Axis in alle nodes like action, gmask, gmask tracer looks like in the attached pic - a very strange letter within the numeric field. And at the same time this happened I can´t open batch setups. Getting an error message saying something that my axis is … I created a new project, new user, did a reinstall (without deinstall because there are some running projects on this machine) Any idea how to fix this? Is there a global config file that may be got corrupted and is not overwritten by a reinstall? My last option after finishing the running jobs is to do a fresh reinstall but maybe one of you had the same issue and a solution on this?

crazy rotation axis

Hi @norman,

The corruption is likely related to an OFX plugin that has modified the language used in Flame.

After it happens, the values saved in setups are incorrect. Therefore, those setups become unusable and cannot be recovered.

Setting the OS language to US-English will prevent the issue from happening.

Otherwise, we recommend updating the OFX plugins you used to the latest versions available as some plugins manufacturers addressed the problem in recent versions.

Suppose using US-English is not an option for you, and the issue keeps occurring after updating the OFX plugins. In that case, you can contact our technical support team so one of our engineers can try to identify the plugin causing the corruption.

Please, let me know if you have any questions.


Hi @YannLaforest,

thx for your reply. I only have logik matchbox and the ML timewarp as an extra on this machine. The OS was installed with the german language pack. When I worked as the local admin user everything was fine, I think this corruption thing started when the IT guys moved the workstation into the company domain and created a domain user. I think I will talk to them and we will do a complete reeinstall with the OS set to US language. Are there any known issues with OS Monterey, Flame 2022.3 and Domain Users? I would ask them to give me admin priviliegs to avoid issues with user rights.

Hi @norman,

Flame 2022.2 and onward supports macOS Monterey (Apple® macOS® Monterey v12.0.1).

The user privileges are likely not the cause of the issue here. I recommend checking if the issue occurs with US-English first.

Please, keep me posted.


Hi @YannLaforest ,

switching to English seems to solve the problem. Creating an axis in action, gmask tracer or other nodes no longer gives me strange letters in numeric fields and I also do not get an error when switching between batch iterations. Thank´s for solving this issue!


Thanks for confirming, @norman.


Hi @YannLaforest
you may remember this post. Unfortunately this behaviour still exists and it is reproducible on Mac Systems. We found out that this always happens when importing ARRI RAW mxf files. As soon as we import clips of this type Axis Rotation Nodes and the Camera FOV field become kind of corrupt. If we transcode these clips to exr or whatever format and replace it everything looks normal after restarting the software. We have this behaviour on our 2 Mac Systems so it seems to be a software issue.

@norman Could you please report that to the support team please.

jep, will do that…

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