[BATCH] Values stuck to Zero / Quit Flame / Reboot Computer / Batch empty and error

Hello everybody !

I work on a Batch i named and saved very often, with an Iteration too.
During my work, every value inputs seem to be stuck to zero when i try to change it.
I already have this issue with Flame during years !

So i quit Flame without any problem, i reboot my workstation (iMac Pro) to be sure everything is ok.
Launch Flame and my clips on the timeline are in pure green. I check the preferences and reset the color palette of timeline view (it’s also a bug i had a lot with Flame for a long time).

I go to Batch tab and my batch is empty. No node. Nothing!
I saved my batch with iterations but nothing is loading. It seems to have a problem to load an Action Node.
I have just one Action node, no problem with my batch all day.

No way to load the batch in Flame 2021 too.

Is anybody have a solution to recover my batch?

Thank you !


I just install Flame 2022.3 Update.
Load Batch and it works… Until i Render and it told me not enough memory…

Quit Flame again / Restart all Flame Services / Reboot / Reopen Flame…

Since this, i can’t load the batch again.
I also tried to be in proxy in Batch. It doesn’t work either.

I don’t know what’s happening.

Whats your system specs?

If its low yes you can cook it.


IMac Pro 2017
Xeon 3.2 Ghz

It’s a 4000 x 4000 batch

Any solution to this? I just ran into the same issues…

Does this have anything to do do with this?

Thanks Randy! that sounds quite like the issues that I was facing, super weird :woman_shrugging: