Batch error. ACTION: Bad file. Axis unexpected

Hey all,

I have tried to open a batch that was working fine last time, but now, when opening it, the following message appears: “ACTION: Bad file. Axis unexpected.”

After that, there is nothing other than the files in the batch, but there isn’t any node. Has it happened to anyone before?


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You should contact support, you will probably be able to restore an old desktop if this was on a BFX. But don’t restart Flame in the meantime, it only goes back 3 restarts.
I don’t have a pointer about batch setups, maybe you’ve saved an iteration or an old version?
Hope you get your setup back.

I had this today for the first time as well…

Seeing those words gives me instant cramps. This used to be a serious problem many versions ago, but I haven’t seen it in years. Which version are you running?

Correction: I do see that error only when trying to open a batch from an incompatible version of Flame.

Thanks Sian! Fortunately, I could rebuild the batch in a couple of hours, but I was scared of not knowing what was happening in a more complex batch. I started the project in Flame 2023.3 and the iteration was from the same one, so I don’t know what happened.

I’m using flame 2023.3, and the project was created in this version. I have seen that It happened to some batches where a copied the same action node.