Crypto matte extraction

My 3d dude sent me some EXR for a CGI elements rendered in Blender, in order to avoid heavy files with already embedded passes he is sending me the crypto passes as separate elements, but the thing is I can’t find how to use with crypto matte node that requires 7 inputs, while I only have 2. Many thanks

I think you might need more than 2 in my experience. Unless it’s deep composting which I’ve never done before. Aaaaaandy Dill might know…?

I think so, Crypto Matte Node asks for 3 different ID.
BUT, I don’t remember this as an option when you render in 3D…

You need to have 1 preview then 6 passes. I often get more than that from our 3D department as you can see but they seem to work.

I wouldn’t get any less that 7. It wouldn’t work as well as it should. Take a look at this Psyop GitHub page

It has sample files that you can test.


I just rendered this with my VERY limited knowledge of Blender (I found the Cryptomatte button, then rendered a model from the internet) and it works in flame as I’d expect. It plugs in just like Richard’s image above.

Thanks guys, since it is that easy inside Blender, then will request the CG guys to handle it :)))
Many thanks

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