Custom batch nodes

I am really good at grabbing a gmask node instead of a gmask tracer node. I also seem to spend longer than I like trying to find the color source and color correct node in the sea of C nodes.
So I made some custom icons to jazz up the node bin and help me see them quicker.

Wish I could do this to my user bin.


Those are real good looking.

Thanks @andy_dill. The top one is the set I went with. Once I saw it in the interface the second photo was too present for my liking so I toned it way down.
Had a fun time asking for permission privileges to write over the existing ones from the engineering team.



Heads-Up: It is no longer possible to do so as of the 2023 version. The reason is that instead of manually creating images for all the Batch nodes and packaging them we are now procedurally creating them inside the application.


I believe I have seen those icons in my quest to install these. I totally agree with you. But feel like the node bin has become so large now that a few indicators to help identify similar looking nodes helps.
It really started with only wanting it for the gmask tracer. The two gmask nodes right next to each other is like a push only door with a handle on it. It might be labeled but when you have places to be muscle memory seems to take over most of the time.
@fredwarren thats good to know. But probably won’t be an issue for a good while. We are on 2021.2.2 and sounds like we will all need new boxes to make 2023 work. So keep an eye out for my angry post about it in 2026 or so. Haha.