You've Been Burn'd. Ep5: EEhhhh......Go Source yourself


Ouch. Sorry, man. I always assumed that once they introduced the FrontMatteOffset matchbox source nodes were just kept around for compatibility.

I don’t think the matchbox node has the same features. The benefit of moving matte and front separately is only one feature of the source node. It’s power comes from the ability to combine multiple fronts into a single matte (or multiple mattes encompassing a single front) but with great power comes great overhead. I gave up with them once batch became more stable and usable. It might take a bit more time to set up, or tweek, but for me the render and update times with source nodes became unmanageable.

Tim is correct in the unique power the Source nodes provide. For our purposes, the speed is not an issue.

What can source nodes do that an upstream action can’t? I haven’t felt any need for them in a very long time. The last thing I used them for was for cleanup patches, but its much easier to use a gmask linked to an image now.

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One of my favorites is to use the back as my image for sourcing & cleanup patches… There’s something oddly satisfying about an action sitting in a flowgraph without any media noodles coming out of it.

Yep. That’s my go to as well