Feature Requests I'm Ashamed to File

–the “lock old gmask so I can’t grab it from the node bin” button.
–a polite reminder that text in action is called “3d text” and is on the left side of the node bin.
–button for turning all my single frame paint strokes into sequence paint strokes.

  • When I try to drag a “Gmask” node from the Batch node bin into the Gmask Tracer schematic instead of the “Gmask” node from the Gmask Tracer node bin, just go ahead and switch it out with the correct one instead of doing nothing and letting me wait around dumbly for 5 seconds until I realize nothing is happening because I dragged the wrong node. again.

placing a shock into the wacom pen so I get jolts of electricity when I pull out the wrong gmask node might be helpful, shocks seem to help teach my dog from doing bad behaviors so it might work on me too.


I am still trying to figure out which default Matchbox shader that is alphabetically before “Front” that pushed my beloved Front Source shader to be one line lower thus requiring me to scrub to get it when it used to be on the front page. I fantasize about a deathmatch cage match of all the Matchboxes alphabetically before the Front Source and take great comfort in wondering which one will get belted by a folding chair or elbowed from the top turn buckle, restoring my favorite matchbox shader back to where it belongs.

I don’t get out much.

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Has anyone tried to drag out a node from the batch node bin into an action schematic wondering why it doesn’t work? Usually happens to me when I’m starring at the screen at 3 in the morning.


See, now won’t you be all warm and fuzzy with that node search function aka Houdini/Nuke/C4d (…wait, every other package except for flame) that lets you type the first few letters of a name to get the right node out every time?

…and full disclosure, I hit the “t” key everyday only to remember immediately it’s 2d transform. Honest to god that shit needs to be renamed “transform” for name parity with Nuke. And @andy_dill, I completely concur, the “3D” bit of “3D text” can piss-off too.

Reminder that 3D Keyer is Keyer 3D

Le sigh.

Yes and I love the fact it knows whether you are in batch or Action/gmask/effects

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