Customise datas to autodesk


We suddenly saw a lot of json files in our home directory inside the .autodesk folder.
Close to 9 Go for a day of work (ok, we click too much)
It seems each action on flame will create a file.
We discovered to stop it, you have to uncheck Customize our Messaging inside the Help/About DAP.

The message is not very clear on this feature. Are we the only people who turns it on by mistake ?


Mine has over 50,000 files. They go back about 18 months, which is probably when we went to CentOS. They total less than 100Mb. I’m not sure why they are there, but they are not eating up my hard drive.

Hi @lambertz, would you mind reporting this to support? We’ll take a look at this.


Denis G will do it.
Thx Jasmin.


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