Deform mesh on top of Deform mesh?

I thought I heard someone mention that it’s possible to have a Deform on top of a Deform in action, but I’m having no luck. Is this actually a thing, or am I high? (don’t answer that)

Loving Deform now for beauty reshapes - thanks for tips on this, whoever that was.

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You can’t apply two deform meshes to the same surface but you can combine them using UVs. Apply the mesh to a UV in action then pipe that UV into another action and continue warping with another mesh. Then apply the UV to your image. Make sure to keep everything 32-bit.

You can also use bicubics on a surface with a deform mesh to warp an image twice within the same action.


Thanks Ryland.

Another option:

After making the surface a bilinear or extended bicubic and warping that to where you like, it’s 100% possible to add a deform mesh to that surface.

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