Animation shift tab issues

Just curious but is anyone having issues with shift tab in the animation view frame the wrong or unexpected items, like I was on an axis and did shift tab and it framed color or something like that, I don’t have filtering turned on so its not a filtering issue. Just wanted to see if anyone is experiencing similar behavior.

I haven’t been using Shift-Tab much since I learned to tap on the little blue dot.

I use shift-tab a lot and I think there was a bug in a version where it didn’t frame all correctly. Are you on the latest version?

I’ve seen the same issue in 2023.1. It’s very confusing and I’ve messed with the wrong node’s keyframes because of it.

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yea latest version its very random and not sure what its framing which is super weird it sometimes goes to things that have no business being framed.

I am just happy I am not the only one I was beginning to think I was going crazy , probably am but that’s unrelated to shift tab.

I forgot about that , I will try and use that more

To be clear, I am not saying that you are not crazy. But also, yes, the animation channels thing went wack. They did a bunch of work on it for the release. I’m not sure how this bug and others related made it through.

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Also see how “Keep” is working out for you these days in animation channels. An artist working for me also said this is a problem.

Mimic link weirdness in action also.

Bunch of weird stuff.

yea the animation is all pretty buggy, lots of landmines in there but it keeps life interesting

Like GPM I’ve run into editing the wrong keyframes unwittingly in 2023.

Does the alt click thing still work?

Also I’m used to selecting a node in my Action.
Switch to animation editor, press Shift-Tab and it should show my keyframes.
But apparently this doesn’t work if it’s a linked channel by expression…
I think in previous flame version this works, but now it does not.

Now I have to shift click first on my value, then switch to animation tab…
…feels cumbersome… Hope it will be fixed in future versions.