Keyframes that refuse to die!

Flame 2023.3
This is driving me nuts! You frame all in the action animation tab , you have some keyframes , you go to one and delete it , but the line is still there in the timeline , like a ghost that wont leave.
This happens all the time so im always thinking “did i actually delete that?”

Is this a known bug or some new ‘feature’ that im using in the wrong way? I just want the keyframe marker to actually disappear when i do delete a keyframe…

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Hi. I experience the same issue, but getting into the animation editor, and even if you don’t see any keyframes, with the delete function active, create a box on the area/range you believe there’s something and delete. At least this is the only way I found to remove them from the timeline.

yes i do that , and use the delete key button , but the keyframe icon doesnt always go away.

It never happened before the animation tab was changed in version 2022 i think it was

I’ve had this too, only recently updated to 2023 from 2022.


The delete button sometimes work and sometime don’t. The keyframe is deleted in any case, but the blue icon/line on the timeline not always is removed. The only thing it works for me, is with the delete function and creating a box on the animation channel.


So if I stop using the Keep button and use delete from within the animation view I can delete all my other key-frames and it clears those blue lines :exploding_head:

Nice :+1:


Yes the Keep button doesnt seem to delete the keyframe marker most of the time even though it has deleted the actual keyframes