? Depth matte from Camera Tracker?

Is there any way to extract a depth matte from the point cloud of the camera analysis?

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Did you try converting it to a geo and looking at the Z output?

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I just started to learn the node yesterday in a spare moment, and I later wondered about the possibility. 3D stuff is one of my weaker skills, so I wondered if anyone had gone down this road. I will look at what you suggest in my next free moment.

or, I could just hit the button that says Create Z-Depth Map

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Sadly I can’t figure out how to output the Zdepth matte. The Geo idea “worked” but it wasn’t quite what I was looking for. I can see in the proxy that the zdepth matte is what I want, but I can’t figure out how to output it.

Isn’t there a depth matte output from action? Or zdepth I mean.

There is, but it doesn’t seem to output the depth matte created by the analyzer. I think it only builds a depth matte for a 3D scene you’ve created. It just comes out white.

It creates a proxy that looks correct, so I assumed the output would match.