ZMatte output smoothing

I want to use the ZDepth output from action to create a matte that travels out. I use ZMatte in the default matchboxes. The matte created has sharp edges. Soften Matte goes as far as providing somewhat of an anti-aliasing.

Is there any other way to have soft edges on the matte? Another matchbox maybe? Blurring the matte (spatial) or averaging over 10 frames (temporal) doesn’t work as they both spill the matte on unwanted areas…

Any ideas? Thanks…

what about oversizing the action output x2 then scaling back down with a resize after

Play with the near and far camera planes to adjust the “histo” of the zmatte. Still renders out un-antialiased though. Maybe try object mattes (IDs) as well for the same effect?

At the end, adjusted the in/out parameters of the histogram and animated the range in color corrector.