Karma Depth maps in Flame/Action

Howdy. I’m having a devil of a time trying to get my Z-Depth maps from my render to work in Action with Matchbox Stingray DOF. Currently I’m using Karma out of Houdini to do my renders, and in the Houdini MPLay Viewer the Z Pass looks exactly as I would expect. Other Data passes, Motion Vectors, Normals, all look correct as well, and they are working in Batch/Action, whereas Z comes in completely white, and no amount of color correction can get it into range.

Curious if anyone has any ideas I can try to get it into range so the Matchbox shader will use it.


Hey @iamyogi,

Have you tried using the DepthNormalizer matchbox? Maybe it can be of help… It is a native tool and lives in your matchbox home shaders directory…


Trying that now sinan! Thanks for the push.

David Hannah