Does a Archive not include Project and User Settings?


to my understanding an exported archive does not contain Project and User Settings.

Does that mean before beeing able to restore an archive on an other machine, the project has to be setup manually in “Project and User Settings → New”?


Yeah it’s not ported with archives.

Most annoying.

No colour management gets saved. Avoid using from source and use rules Try and be more specific in your colour management nodes.

No saving of Media Path Translation either. We now keep a list of those settings for any job that relies on that. It can be quite hidden when it is in use. Even the metadata keeps displaying the old path.

I know you can save out color management project stuff and import. I’m not sure about the rest of project setttings.

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Ahh right. Different problem maybe :wink:

I’m not sure if I understood your question. If you archived with “archive project” button , flame will include a special project item (with the fish flame logo) in the archive’s items list. By selecting this in the target machine, you will be able to select “restore project”. And you’ll not need create the project before of restore it. The project will be created and restored. You can select “archive project” button at any time when you are archiving your project.


No user settings are contained in the archive, but that should not effect the project itself. Any user can load any archive and it should come back in its entirety.

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To piggy back off of this convo…What exactly is saved in the Project Setups Archive?
All bookmark paths? project resolution settings? What am I missing?

It’s whatever’s in /opt/Autodesk/project/12345_YourProject. Batch setups you’ve explicitly hit “save” for, module setups, any Lustre grades you might have, etc.

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