Restore 'Restore Setups' (Archive)


in ‘Archives’ I selected an ‘Archive Session’ and than the project name is shown.

Now the tab ‘Restore Setups’ is available and after pressing it, Flame says:

“Setup restored successfully”

So I restarted Flame and hoped to see and to be able to select the newly restored project,
but the project is not even shown in (Project and User Settings) :frowning:

Does restoring a “Setup” not work this way?

Thanks’ a lot!


It loaded them into the project that you were in when you restored.

But I did only restore the “Setups” of a project and not the footage…

Restore setups only brings in the setups, not the media. If you select the "Project Setups’ in the Archive it only gives you that restore option. If you select the project name (with the fish in a circle next to it) you’ll get the option to Restore Project. That makes a new Project, named as per your archive and brings all the media and the setups in.
If you want to bring some specific clips/folders/libraries into an existing project you can drag them from the Archive to the library (they then have ‘(pending’) after their name. Then hit ‘Restore’ and they will be restored into your existing project.

I think the confusion might be the name ‘setups’. This term only really refers to the data that was saved in to that project folder such as batch schematics, action nodes, colour warpers, etc. It’s the folder structure of your library or anything you did to set up the project.

Thank you very much for the help! Now I finally understand what ‘setups’ is :slight_smile:

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