Does anyone use "Impressionist"?

Hey all,
I have been wondering for a while now if anyone out there uses the “Impressionist” tool in Batch Paint? I can’t figure out a scenario where I’d ever need it. Am I missing something? Why would Autodesk pick this tool to include in BP rather than a version of the stamp tool that’s in Desktop Paint? I personally would use this a lot!

What do you all use it for (other than accidently when trying to select Drag)?

I’ve never used it and can’t even really remember what it does.
But see also 80% of the preset brushes.

In the last round of paint requests the two I heard over and over were “drag” and “wash” which are both there now.

What does the stamp function do?

Stamp basically takes a snapshot of where your cursor is and allows you to “paint” with that snapshot. It’s great for painting leaves onto trees, repeating textures for logo removals, and many other tasks we do daily. It’s a little like a clone tool but you don’t have to worry about painting outside your source’s area of interest.


Sounds useful.

I use the impressionist brush for touching up subtle gradients after paint outs, or skin when using a highpass.

From what I gather it takes the colours from the outside of the brush and paints the average in the centre. So it’s great for removing little blotches on colours.


Very interesting @Collict ! That’s usually what I use Drag for. I’ll give it a shot the next time I need to do a little smoothing.

Thanks for the info!

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