Poll on the Paint Node

  • I use it
  • I cannot live without it
  • I rarely use it
  • I never use it

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I started this poll because for the first six years of my job I almost never used it (i’m including desktop paint here). For the next six I used it rarely.

Now I use it all the damn time, and as many wishes I may have about it, it’s solved a lot of otherwise impossible problems.


I don’t think I ever have a setup without it.

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We use it all the time, but it has multiple shameful bugs.


Even if one paintnode still is like 300% slower than a nukescript with a bunch of, it is a must have in most setups. For sequence based stamps or just some dirty frame by frame fixes.


I never use the desktop paint any more. In batch I use it so much I even have user bin nodes with the paint set up for specific purposes.


Yes, if batch paint had HLS wash, it would be perfect!


I have an issue now that I am using Teradici and we don’t have sensitivity.

I need to have the pressure set to constant and I am severely shackled by what I can do.


Use it on every job. A cleanup plate essential. I usually render it out to save time if it’s got multiple frames.

I had one use for desktop paint a few years ago. I needed to autopaint a matte for a text reveal. Couldn’t figure out how to do that in the batch module.

Do it backwards (erasing) one frame at a time, with it set to From Frame, then reverse and change speed to taste with a timewarp node.


Ah, smart! Thank you.

I’ve had that. For what it’s worth, HP Z-Boost will carry pressure sensitivity if you call in from a windows or linux machine, even a virtual one.

That loss of pen pressure is a remarkably big deal. I’m frankly surprised that it hasn’t been cracked two years into our remote life, doubly so now that Z-boost and Teradici are owned by the same company.


I use z-boost with an intel NUC running CentOS and the same tablet and keyboard that I have at work. No pressure issues.

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I was discussing a NUC. They are very nice looking machines. So tiny :hugs:

What is Z-boost @ytf @andy_dill not looked into this before :thinking:

It is the HP remote client software. The name may have changed a bit since the convergence with Teradici. ZCentral Remote Boost | HP® Official Site

You could also start at the last frame starting erasing the text and keep the frame range as: from current. No need to reverse…

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But then you need to erase all the characters with each stroke, but if you go backwards, you just erase the last character. This method is particularly handy if you are only erasing parts of each character on each frame.

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It definitely works when its setup correctly on both the client and host. I dont know about the host setup, but the client setup I posted about…search for Teradici USB Bridge mode. . Call Gunpowder or @panisset and they can sort you guys out on the host side. It’s by far better than HP Z Remote Boost.

It’s been cracked since day 1. So, if you are somewhere working on Teradici and pen pressure doesnt work, something with the host is jacked. Call in the pros. If you follow this on the Client side and it doesnt get you access to USB Bridge mode, then the host setup is incorrect.

@abeis some more testing might be required.

Pen sensitivity and full hot keys are desperately needed.

Thanks @randy