Drop audio to a selected(yellow) audio track


when trying to drop sound.mp4 to a selected audio track(yellow), the video track disappears(see attachment) but the sound can be replayed :slight_smile:

In order to see the video track with it’s new audio track again, I have to click to a clip of the sequence reel. But surprisingly the sound was not copied to the Audio Track…

What I am doing wrong?


Thank’s for the help! The first part was easy but the second not anymore (at least for me:)
Could you please have a look what’s going wrong?


Hello. You have to open the sequence first (cmd+ CLICK open) and then you can drag the audio to add it.

Wow finally it does work :slight_smile: Thank’s a lot for the help!

Still one question:

When clicking on a clip in the sequences reel it makes sense that the audio-tools are shown,
but why whatever clip/footage i am clicking on (in other reel or even on clips of other projects!)
this audio tools are shown at the left and right site of the image?

What’s the advantage of this behaviour?

Thank’s a lot!


Hi Joe,

You have the audio desk turned on in your player. This is why you see those controls. You can keep them up if you’re using them but you can also turn them off. When the player is visible, go to the OPTIONS pull-down menu to the right of the interface. In the menu, disable SHOW AUDIO DESK. This is mapped to CONTROL+1 hotkey.



Thanks to all of you for the continued help!

Can’t believe it myself, but cannot reliably replicate it… eventhough I opened the sequence first

Could you please have a look at it what I am doing wrong (unfortunately this link will expire in 30 days)

Thank you!


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Hi joe99

The video helped alot!!!

The problem you have is that you have locked your audio tracks in the source. You can see this clearly when you drag the audio tracks and they have the diagonal stripes which means the tracks are locked.

To fix this, switch to the source timeline of your audio and unlock the track.

Go back to your sequence and drag the audio again. The next time you drag your audio the tracks will be clear and these will edit into the sequence.

I just confirmed this before writing my response.

Hope this helps!

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Thank you Grant. It works very nicely (again :slight_smile:

What is still unclear to me is:
It seems that it is not possible to drop additional sound to a different video sequence in an other sequence reel. What is te reason about that fact?

Maybe you can have a look at it (unfortunately this link will expire in 30 days)


Thank you!

Hi Joe,

The reason why this is happening, is when you create a new sequence (splice selected or not), you need to “OPEN” it as a sequence before editing anything into it.

Looking at your video example, the sequence that was displayed in the timeline area was the old sequence on the first sequences reel. After creating your new sequence, you place it on a different sequences reel if you want, and then you open it using the context menu. The timeline will open below and you can switch between different timelines with the record tabs (using the red indicator). Whichever timeline is visible in the timeline view is the active sequence and will receive any edits you make into it.

Hope this helps!