Fading Audio into or out a clip


would like to fade-in, fade-out audio and found the following infos in an old Flame user guide
(Flamepremium 2016 userguide)

Fading Audio Into or Out of a Clip / To fade audio into or out of a clip:

1 Move the vertical focus point inline with the relevant audio track.
2 Navigate to the beginning (or end) of the segment.
3 Click the Transition button.
4 In the Audio Transitions tab, enable Fade. An audio transition is applied to the audio segment.
5 Adjust the length of the fade.
The audio is now fading into (or out of) the clip.

  • Is "Move the vertical focus point " done with the normal positioner?

  • Where is this Transition button hidden?

Thank’s a lot!

The simplest way is to park your positioner at the head of the audio track and hit the dissolve button. It’s the same as with video.

And yes, the vertical focus is done with the normal positioner.

Dissolve is the END key, on a Smoke based keyboard.
I’m a fan of typing the length of the dissolve first on the numeric keypad, then hitting the transition key (pg dn / wipe or end / diss). The transition will appear closest to the playhead focus point.

It does work. Thank you! I am on Catalina 2021.2… Is a Smoke based keyboard just another keyboard-layout or is this “hardware”?

Yes and yes, I guess. I meant more as a user preference. I’m a Smoke keys 4 life person. Others prefer Flame. That’s up for debate.

The other yes is in regards to the folks at LogicKeyboard (logickeyboard.com). There is a hardware keyboard that comes with Smoke keys labeled.

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It seems to me that an mp4 cannot be edited anymore once imported to the record timeline, except fade-in/fade-out…

But I am wondering why if an audio track is added manually with “Audio +” the following audio effects
are available:

TimeWarp, Gate, Comp, EQ, DeEsser, Gain, ReverbSend, DelaySend, ModSend

Why that?

Hmm. You should be able to edit audio tracks in a record timeline, no matter the filetype. Have you tried adding an edit with the cut key, as a test? (‘delete’ on smoke keys)

I’m not sure I understand the issue with Audio FX. The track you’ve selected in the image doesn’t have audio on it, therefore the effects should be greyed out. If you select active audio tracks, then the effects should be available.

At least on your last screenshot, you have a gap clip selected/the positioner is on a track with nothing on it. Audio effects or transitions can’t go on gap clips/nothing (on audio tracks)

Hi Joe,

All media that is imported into Flame including an MP4 can be edited and broken apart if required. I do it all the time with a variety of different sources.

With regards to the audio track, when you add it with the Audio+ button, it creates an empty track to receive any incoming audio. Looking at your screengrab, you have selected a virtual gap segment. When an audio gap segment is selected, you cannot apply any audio effects to the segment because nothing is there. If you were to select the audio segments on A1 or A2, the audio effects will become active. Please bear in mind that it is different for video gap segments.

Please let us know if this helps!



WAIT. Do you mean you don’t have to actually be on the transition point to add a transition. If so then whats the magic trick. I can’t make it work.

Sorry, yeah, not that. What I meant to say was, “the track with the focal point on the playhead.” Poor wording on my part. Playhead still needs to be parked at the edit.

OK Thanks for clarifying but it would make a good feature request


I don’t believe the positioner or the focus point need to be on the cut between two segments to add a dissolve between them.

You need to select the transition and use either the transitions button, context menu or keyboard shortcut.

You see me doing it here in this video at 6:50.

Hope this helps!

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