Inserting only video and not audio

I am editing a showreel with source material that already has its original audio track. My record timeline already has a music track that I edit to. How do I insert only the video from the source material and not overwrite my audio track? Where is the magic button?


If I have no use for the audio on my source material. I delete it. You can cclear it alll out in one button push (so to speak) if it is all in one reel or folder.


i click the box on the left hand side of the audio track so it disconnects from the box labelled A1 etc. Then you can use the O key to overwrite just the audio…BUT this will not work if you drag and drop the clip onto the timeline

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Thanks. Just what I’ve been looking for.

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This is the absolute solution maybe. But how do I clear all of the audio tracks in a reel?

Tools>Utilities>Delete. There are many options of what to delete and where from.

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Ahhh, the Tools tab. I now only go there to create a matte container to export clips with alpha. Totally forgot the days before gestural editing…

You could also just lock the audio tracks in your record timeline if you don’t want to muck about with deleting audio, no?

You know there are easier ways to export with alpha nowadays?
I haven’t used the matte container since 2 years. But indeed the Tools tab, will sometimes still come in handy. recently used it for pulldown, and to copy sound to clips/versions.

There are many ways to skin this cat but I tend to lock my audio track.
This stops any other audio from being overwritten and it just bring the video.

And on a side note: If you want to keep the source audio but not overwrite the one thats in the record timeline just drag the clip above the video layer to create a new video and audio track.

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