Import sound(mp3) to Audio Track


added an audio track to the Timeline in order to be able to add audio to the Timeline.
After clicking that audio track, a never seen before audio window is shown.

So i clicked to “Load” (Exit - Load - Save), but the audio files (mp3) are not listed, but folders like “pref” and “temp” (which I never created).

Studied some old Smoke audio tuts, but importing audio to the Timeline is not covered…

What I am doing wrong?

Thank you!

Could be that the mp3 is 44.1MHz and flame is set to 48MHz

Hi Joe,

To add audio to the timeline, you add your audio track as described and you import your audio via the mediahub. This includes MP3s. You can drag that into the sequence and edit onto the audio track.

Would you mind posting a screengrab of the window you are referring to as I don’t recall the window.



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I think @joe99 is referring to the animation channel for the audio tracks. Evidently, the load/lsave buttons let you load/save animation data. I usually use the load/save options to copy raw track data between axes sometimes.

Thank for you help! Dropping audio files from the mediahub to the audio track does work with either 44.1MHz or 48 MHz:) No idea why I did not try drag/drop myself…

At the moment many unexpected things happen after that audio import and I have to test it more extensively before asking more questions …

You need to import it to your media panel, then you can drag and drop onto the timeline. You can’t drag and drop directly from the media hub to the timeline.

Thank for the advice! But now I dont now if my “undo” does work properly (Flame 2021.2)… It seems that after dropping the mp3 from the media Panel to the Timeline, that this step can not be reverted (undo). Is that possible?