DSLR raw stills to log/exr/etc

Hey all. I’m in the middle of a job where the cuts are composed of a bunch of Canon and Nikon raw DSLR stills, and it’s a headache. Is there any clever way to mass convert said raw to a large enough bucket (either some flavor of log or float exr) where I can make exposure decisions while coloring? Right now our IO dept is running everything through the Adobe Raw converter, and we’re having to go back a bunch of times and pull exposure down to preserve sky data etc. I fell down a rabbit hole after googling up “rawtoaces,” but am not enough of a developer to get it to compile. Is the answer “Resolve?” It seems like it’s always Resolve.

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So I used to use DxO Optics Pro to make a flat 16bit tiffs from all my shoot stills. Has batch conversion. I doubt many apps would force anything into 16bit float though.

DxO is great because you can include things like auto aberration correction, lens distortion and others based on known body/lens combos in the exif data.

I use Photomatix Pro. There are a lot of settings, but it can batch convert a huge pile of raw photos to EXR. Do some tests to see what works for you. I use a color chart to find the settings that work best…


You can make multiple versions of each photo in Adobe Raw, adjusting the exposure a few stops for each then combine them to a 32bit EXR using the HDR process in Photoshop, however, Adobe raw can export 16 bit tiffs and I have always found that to be enough. In fact, a quick check shows that with the latest version you can export with ACES at 16bit

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On a stop motion project a few years ago we used rawtoaces to convert Canon raw to ACES2065-1. It worked really well to get the full range out of the image however it would crash when running at full resolution so we had to settle for half res.

Other downside is that there’s no fancy GUI so you need to play with the setting via the command line. On the upside, that means you can script it easily for all your batch processing needs.

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I’ve used Nuke and dcraw on both Nikon and Canon raw a few times but it was a few years ago. It definitely worked at the 30mp sizes but it wasn’t blazing fast or anything.

Affinity photo should do the trick

I will second rawtoaces - its the best solution that we have right now, resolve is allright but photography raw is quiet a bit different from alexa/red raw e.t.c

I really dug deep into this a while ago, and while the reults of rawtoaces depend on if the source camera is “known” to rawtoaces it uses either their very well mapped camera profiles or fallback to dcraw/libraw, it still is very easy to use.

easiest way to get rawtoaces to work is to use a mac and install it using homebrew (i think its just brew install rawtoaces) on linux you have to build it from source and the instructions on their github are wrong in many ways, so it took me more than 2 hours last time to get it to work.