DJI footage (RAW DNG) in flame

Hi Guys

Just wondering whats the best method on dealing with the DNGs and colour space on this. On a ACES workflow pipeline

  1. Convert DNGs using davinci using a Linear2Dlog LUT
  2. Export D-log files to import in flame
  3. Import in flame as D-Log (?)
  4. Convert D-Log to ACES (2065-1).

Is that the best approach? For steps 3 and 4 are those LUTs for conversion something I can find as a default in flame or need to download from somewhere?

Please let me know.


Bruno F.


Bruno! Check this thread out… starts with Canon Log, but halfway through there’s some DJI discussion from @val talking about DJI, D Log, and provides a LUT you can download. Check it out…


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Why go to DJI log at all if Resolve can convert it to whatever it likes? Go straight to ACES in Resolve.
(note that I have no understanding of how Resolve works, but my hunch is you’ll have a harder time dealing with esoteric color spaces like DLog in Flame)

Yep, what Andy say. Resolve treats .dngs from DJI copter like raw from first BMD cameras (back in the days they shoot in .dng). Just convert them to Alexa LogC prores .movs using Davinci YRGB color managed project and have fun in Flame. Or go straight to ACES with .exrs.