Dual boot, Windows 11 and Secure Boot / UEFI

Busy planning a build that mimics a P620 - but the intention is to dual boot.
Does anyone know if dual boot with windows 11 will be a problem with secure boot / uefi in bios?

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Def follow the BIOS instructions in the Autodesk installation instructions. That should give you the proper settings so you can dual boot. I ended up installing windows and Linux on two diff drives.

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Secure boot in my experience keeps the dku from installing the graphics drivers.


Not sure re: Windows 11 but it works perfectly fine with Windows 10. Windows 11 does need a physical or software tpm module–but any new build will certainly have this.

Just make sure you start with installing Flame first, and only have that one drive connected to the box so you know exactly where the Flame install is going.

As a side recommendation-- unless you really need the extra PCIe lanes that threadripper provides or have another program in windows that scales really well with the extra cores, I would go with ryzen…way cheaper and more performant. Everyone who has jumped on my desktop has been shocked with how responsive it is (even when they have come from a 3970x…)

Threadripper is also due for its zen 3 refresh which will be a pretty massive performance upgrade (if ryzen zen 2 → 3 performance is anything to go by). Probably worth waiting for, if its a possibility!

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Thanks, much appreciated. Cores wise - I’m also going to be running Clarisse on this box so want a balance between cores and speed, settled on the Threadripper Pro 3975WX on a ASUS Pro WS WRX80E SAGE motherboard (really solid mb - and it has a built in ASMB9-iKVM - so I can remote into my attached mac mini and have complete maintenance control of the system from home - including hard power on ect)
Regarding refresh, yeah its maddening really. Story of my life that you get everything in place to push the button on a system and then over the horizon is glittering new tech. But I need it now, and who knows how long that’s going to take given the supply chain issues these days.
Ryzen vs threadripper - I really want ECC ram support. I’ve been badly burnt by not having it recently when a number of sticks in my setup went bad and led to a week of troubleshooting under pressure.

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Does this matter if I intend to get separate Nvidia drivers? Going to be running dual 3090’s

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Secure boot off = a good time.

Secure boot on = a bad time.

Feel free to experiment but if you have any weird problems installing anything, you know the culprit.

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