Dynamic Naming - Buggy❗❗❗

Dynamic Naming doesn’t seem to work with pattern browsing and connected conform.

I set my tokens as:
<source name>_<source version name>
and turn on dynamic naming.

This gives me segment names such as “sh0010_comp_v001”

Great so far. I can version up and down this segment and the name changes in line with the version number.

However if I jump to a connected segment in my shots sequence, I can see that although the version has changed, the name hasn’t. If I adjust the version in the shots sequence then the name still doesn’t change. Then if I check the sequence where I set it up, dynamic naming has been turned off.

This would be such a useful feature if it worked. Has anybody else had issues with this feature?


I’d argue that’s more of a bug than anything else. That’s 100% how I’d expect it to work.

i have seen this bug also. It can break between different edits that are connected. If I update my shots in the 60s then my names update but as soon as I update a shot in my (connected) 30s the naming update gets ignored

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