Editing sub-frame keyframes

In the animation editor, it’s very handy to use the the X scale tool to proportionally scale a bunch of keyframes. Some of the key frames end up in a weird sub-frame / between-frames position though (which I totally get, to preserve the relative spacing this would be desired behavior). Is there a way to edit those key frames? Since the playhead won’t park on them. And is there a way to snap them all to the closest actual frames or do you have to just drag each one, one at a time?

Select all the keyframes and from the keyframe edit drop menu select snap (or something similar)… they should land on the nearest frame.

Aha! FrmSnap is what I was looking for. Thanks!!

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I believe that after 28 years or so this has finally be fixed in 2023.0

You are right Tim. We have added a preference (in the Animation Gear menu) in the 2023 version. When enabled, the keyframe will be automatically snapped.

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