Shifting Keyframes in Action

In Action, is there a way to select a bunch of keyframes and stretch them out so the time expands but they retain there relative position to each other?

Hi Adam,

This should be easy to do depending on what view of the animation editor you are looking at.

If you are looking at the channels view with the curves, you select your keyframes on the curve and you can switch the cursor mode to X-Scale (SPACE+X). When you click and drag on the keyframes, they will scale relatively to each other.

If you are looking at the tracks view with the bars, you can locate the channel you wish to scale and drag one of the ends. This will stretch the whole animation and keep the keyframes relative to each other. If you wanted to stretch only a few keyframes within the animation channel, you can select the keyframes and use the same X-Scale tool that you would use for the curves.

Hope this helps!


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fantastic! Thanks Grant.

I’d forgotten about stretching out the Tracks view, but i never realised there was a Channel option to Scale on X - I’ve always just relied on the translate X & Y in the Animation windows controls. Didn’t think to try the main Tools drop down to find a solution.

That was exactly what i needed!