hi all
i have a quick problem.
just downloaded the clients edls, that have come in as xxx.edl.txt

gone to the flame and it doesnt recognise the edls…

i have changed the filename, and taken off the txt but still no luck

any advice? i’m using a mac

The great thing about edls is that they are easily read by humans. Unlike AAFs you can open the file and to some degree make sense of them.

They should be xxxx.EDL and renaming them should have solved the problem.

Mac does sometimes hide file extensions. When you click get info does it confirm that it is indeed a .EDL file?

What does it look like when you open the .edl file in a text editor. Does it look normal?

thanks for reply

yes opening it in text editor, it looks like an edl

got it thanks, i had to clear off all extensions then rename with .EDL then confirm the box that says “use edl instead of txt” even though txt wasnt visible