Exported AAF/XML doesn't have renamed shots

Hey all,

We often conform for our in-house grade department and rename shots based on our workflow. When exporting an AAF or XML for them Flame does not include the new name and instead keeps the original. Apparently this only happens when you don’t export the media at the same time.

It’s a known thing: FLME-56634 - Renamed clips show original name in XML and AAF exports when export media is disabled

If you also face the same issue it’d be great if you could report it so it gains a bit of traction. It’s been on the radar for 3 years now…



I’ll vote for it. Would you terribly mind sharing a direct link?

I would if I had a link. It’s not a feature request though, it’s a bug. That’s the issue number ADSK support has given me.

While you wait for the bug to be fixed. If you, or someone that likes you, knows python there is a nice python library that reads/write AAFs.

Ye we keep using EDLs partly because of this reason. It would really nice in general if the XML and AAF exports get updated so they actually also output transforms or baked timing timewarps for example.