Freeing space in the framestore

Being very un-knowledgable about the archiving and framestore side of Flame, i’m wary of what can and can’t been removed.

I need to free up some space as my framestore is looking like its heading into the red (even though its on a raid with over 5tb free)
I have deleted a bunch of old projects, then run vic then run vic -r…and restarted Flame and there doesnt seem to be any change in the number of available frames.

Do i need run vic -f to remove those frames related to the deleted projects?
Just nervous about doing that in case i erase important stuff from other projects!

Is there a “recovered frames” project? If so, I would start by deleting that. What version are you running?

And for what it’s worth, you shouldn’t be doing any of this without being fully archived.

Yes…most stuff has been archived. There were several recovered frames projects and already deleted those.
Currently on 2022.1 (on mac)

Have a look at

thanks…how do i tell that to purge a different partition? seems to automatically purge 0, when mine is partition 1.

./sw_purge --h

Usage: ./sw_purge
[-p (default = 0)]
[-H Framestore Name/Id (default: local)]
[-c (check for orphan files)]
[-D (delete orphan files) ]
[-R (delete remote files) ]
[-F (force deletion even if mount point inaccessible) ]
[-h (this help message) ]

so something like this. archive first.
sw_purge -p 1 -D


Thanks Miles…looks scary!