Elbow Joints!

Is there any way to drag an elbow joint from a node, Rather than having to have a connection to another node in place already??

You can press/hold A and click on the output tab of a node. It will create an elbow there…


lovely - thanks for your help

that doesn’t quite do what I want - it just adds a joint in the path, I want to drag one away from the node that’s not in the path but makes its own new path

Feature request then :slight_smile:

Add a node, add an elbow, delete node.

Thats one too many operations!

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Jon, it will take you all of 2 seconds!

Two billable seconds! Cha-ching

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You can add in the path, Shift-Ctl D will duplicate the elbow in the state you want, then shift D to delete the node in the path. More keystrokes than I would like, but it works. These are smoke keys, by the way.

@Jonhollis Please submit a General Improvement request over at flamefeedback.autodesk.com. We may be able to do something simple about it.

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@Jonhollis If you add it to the official wish list, I will upvote it. I’ve wanted this as a simple one-click option since elbows became multi-functional.

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If you’re in add mode you can Alt-drag from the node and it will create an elbow. But it’s always in the same place and not under your cursor. You have to grab it and move it. Almost what you want.

I’ll check this out in the morning . . .

Well then, how about elbows for Mimic links? That has been in General Improvement for years.

I am aware of that request. It wouldn’t be as simple as what Jon is asking for though. That being said there is no guarantee that we will do either one.

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Slightly OT, but one undocumented feature is that you can make art with elbows. One night losing my mind on a project I created a fairly intricate Spirograph-like continuous line of elbow segments that vaguely resembled Harry Truman.


sssssspppppp . . . . . 'ere.

On the subject of elbow joints, have you ever noticed that if your elbow joint is in a pipe coming out of a node with multiple other outputs, you can F4 through the various other outputs (even though they’re not the ones connected to the elbow).

This being the case, any chance of a node that can split out (or shuffle out) these other outputs at the end of the pipe?

What version are you using? This is a behaviour we have fixed a while ago (in 2022.2 I think)

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