Adding Elbows harder then it should be

Is there are a fool proof way to adding elbows in a batch comp between pipes?
I switch to ‘add’ move and press on the line. But sometimes it takes 10 times for it to get it to work. Or sometimes I have to zoom in more, to make it work. Also I noticed that if a comp is getting bigger with lots of compass nodes it is harder to add elbow nodes somehow (I think this is more a general ui slowdown thing, because also my red rectangle to make a selection seems to hide out more often)…

This thing should be a no brainer IMO, but at this moment it feels a hassle. But I persist, because I like to make clean comps and connect everything together, especially with lots of titles/languages/social formats.

Don’t know if this is applicable to you; I have noticed the same but more often when working remotely. Also, possible related, it’s difficult to press the copy button in the animation curves.