Hide mimic links in batch

Can we hide mimic links in batch? Like hitting Alt-E in Nuke for hiding clones and expressions? Just curious if I overlooked something … :slight_smile:

I just noticed one of my setups became really messy and hard to read due to many mimic links going in all directions …

No, it is not possible.

There is already a request for elbow nodes on mimic links (which may help in your situation), but not for hiding them. Please submit a different request for it.

Thanks Frederic! :slight_smile:

In case anyone else finds this useful, here is the feature request:

Can you sort of do that by Grouping nodes and in there isn’t there some type of show/hide check box for stuff?

Here is the improvement for Mimic elbows which would help cleanup Batch setups.


You mean by just grouping all messy stuff together to hide it from the rest of the script? Or do you mean grouping each linked node? I just tried the latter and I think we can only hide normal in- and outputs, but not mimic links. :confused:

I’m not sure, either way.