Multi-Channel write node in batch - can i rename the channels

Hi all

the multi channels channels written out by the batch write node just default to rgba, rgb2, rgb3 etc. I can’t see where to rename them, and they don’t pick up the channel name from what they are in batch…



Hi Paul,

I believe the answer is no. I looked into this once and there currently isn’t an option to name the channels in a multichannel export. I’ll look on Flame Feedback and see if there is a feature request. If there is I’ll post it here.



Thank you Andy, damn that’s annoying, let’s hope they fix that !

The request you can add your vote to is FI-01577


Thanks Fred.

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Yes please upvote this request. The amount of bullshit we have to go thru to name channels is epic. Also be aware that if you slate your shot and that slate has an alpha channel Flame will ignore the rest of your channels when you try and load it back into flame as a Multichannel.

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Sounds retched. :slight_smile:

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