Explorer - anyway to add shot name to grabbed refs?

CTRL+G for refs is really nice but to be able to export directly from the explorer with the shot name metadata on those refs would amazing. Any way to do it @Slabrie ? Currently i have to drag all my grabbed refs to a reel and manually rename 1 by 1… booooooo

I think I can help you @TimC

Flame 2023.3.1 you can set your default ref naming and use tokens

It gives you this:

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What PlaceYourBetts said!

ah i did not explain well enough… i need to have the refs keep the shot name metadata on those refs as the shot name, not the sequence name. it’s the information that is in the [brackets] when you ALT+pen click on a clip in the desktop… but thank you very much @PlaceYourBetts this might be a work around!