Export .svg as geo for Maya... is it possible?

on flame 2021.1 here. Axis & camera come across but not the .svg shape / geo… any ideas?

thanks in advance…

What about exporting an FBX of your scene by right clicking/contextual menu in Action Schematic?

Oh wait…you must be already doing that right>?

yeah was already doing that.

too bad there doesn’t seem a way to “promote” the .svg to actual geometry.

Typically, all geometry you import into Action can be exported back out. So importing a 3DS model or FBX should be fine. To export the geometry, select the branch, right-click and export FBX.

When it comes to internally generated geometry such as 3D shape, 3D Text and extruded SVG as a 3D shape, Flame performs its own tessalation on the geometry per frame. This is non-complient with most 3d applications and does not export as 3D geometry in an FBX.

However a few versions back, we introduced a conversion function to help you export internally generated geometry from Flame.

In the Action schematic, select your 3D shape/3D text node and right-click on it. Choose GENERATE GEOMETRY. This creates a new converted node tree containing a geom node of the geometry. You keep the old nodes if you want. Obviously with this new geometry, it is no longer editable but you can right-click it and export it as an FBX for your 3D application.

So you request has already been there for a while :relaxed:

Just be aware that the conversion process is not perfect so you may need to clean up the polygons of your geometry in your 3D programme to make the mode “clean” and re-import that back into Flame for your comp.

Hope thos helps!



amazing Grant. Will give it a go and thanks so much!