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Does anyone remember the settings you need to use to export an eps to SVG for flame. Got the splines but not the fill at the moment.

In Illustrator, make sure you have export with Presentation Attributes selected. That should bring the color in with the SVG.SVG settings

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Cheers fellas.

P&O_endframe_Havay_02.eps.zip (101.8 KB)
Out of curiosity, @Sonste can you get this to work? I’ve tried what you suggest but the flag bit at the bottom of the logo won’t import into action. There’s not pressure to get back to me. This question is purely academic. I’ve tried illustrator and Affinity Designer.

Hi John

The reason why the flag part of the logo is not importing is that it is made up of components that are not supported by the SVG format. This is not a Flame issue.

Taking a deeper look at the layer components in Illustrator, there are clipping masks which are not supported. But more problematic is that those clipping masks are clipping images embedded as components in the layer. SVGs usually only support vectors to import into Flame. Not embedded clipping masks or images.

From a design point of view, I do not understand why the “Flag” section was made this way. You can create all the colours in illustrator as spline shapes just like the “sun” part of the logo. The original designer has taken rectangular images of the colours and clipped them into shape with the clipping masks. It seems strange why they would build one part of the logo with vectors and the other part of the logo with images that have been clipped into shape.

If you wanted to really rectify this, you might be able to take the clipping masks, turn them into the vectors with the same colours and remove all the embedded images. That should do the trick. Unless you are proficient in Illustrator, I would send this to a designer and ask for a vector only file.

Worst case scenario, exporting it very large as a pixel file with an alpha and comp that in Flame.

Hope this helps


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F@&£ knows why it was created that way. Thanks for the explanation. I had a feeling those layers must have been too fiddly for the process. As it happens I did just make a 4K png.

Remember to make background transparent first though

hi @La_Flame

thought i would keep the convo in this thread as it’s related: what is the bullet proof way to get an eps converted into a postscript font or OTF file. eg a logo mapped to a letter of a font. Back in the day it went thru fontographer or type tool or something like that which i do not have access to. I see there are a slew of shady “convert this to that” websites out there but have not got any of them to work successfully. I feel like @hBomb42 had this dialed at one point but not sure…

It was Fontographer back in the day, and I feel like you used to be able to paste from Illustrator straight into it. I haven’t done this in years…sorry I can’t be more help.

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thanks B. at least i’m not crazy? :slight_smile:

To be clear, Tim, I am not saying that you’re not crazy. But also, it was Fontographer.


Hi Tim

Converting a shape into a font mapped to a key was fine if it was just a single shape. The SVG import offer a much higher support for a variety of shapes but there are always caveats depending on what is stored in the SVG and what the importing application supports.

For example, thinking about Flame, Flame will import an SVG and create 3D shapes. With this is mind, there must be not fancy filters, blending modes or any proprietary tech stored in the SVG. The file should contain layers with paths. Secondly, I would recommend that any text be converted to outlines (Paths) because Flame will not see this, and the results will not be correct. Thirdly, Flame only supports solid colours in the SVG. So if anyone used a gradient and colouring filter, your 3d shape will probably be black, white or invisible. Finally, I have always changed the STYLING export settings for SVG to “Presentation Attributes” and that has always worked well.

I did a video quite a few years back showing the process of creating an SVG in Illustrator and importing it into Flame.


Hope this helps!



ok i’m posting this here because i finally figured it out how to make an outline logo file (SVG) into a font with the help of a youtube video (of course!) and what seems to be a very basic version of a fontographer-type program called Inkscape and an online file convert. You can skip almost 90% by watching just the setup of the logo and then go straight to the end to see export steps.


Thanks Tim!

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Thanks TimC. I used the icomoon.io font/svg process and it work like a charm! Thanks for posting.

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