Spline from a matte

Hi all,

I remember seeing a method of turning a matte into a spline. Is there a way in Flame to do this or did I see this done somewhere else.

Someplace else. The closest I can think of is if you hold SHIFT you can hand draw a shape.


In The Gmask Tracer you can leave the spline you’re drawing open
and then use indeed shift to create a gradient. I’m not sure if that is what you mean.

This has never been available directly in Flame, but you may have seen as prototype in Will’s Vision Series presentation last week.

Ahh yes! That’s where I saw it. Thanks Frederic

one option could be to convert to SVG then import to Flame

programs like Image Vectorizer can convert an image and export as SVG

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You can do this in adobe illustrator…for a still matte at least