Exporting titles from timeline

I have created a timeline in flame with several title cards with gaps in between.
i export the layer as tiffs with alpha.
i import the tiff sequence into resolve.
the titles key over video fine.
the gaps are not transparent.
the alphas are fine for the titles.
the alphas on the gaps are full-frame white.
can anyone tell me what I’m doing wrong?
thanks for your help in advance.
Richie Hiltzik

Hello Richard,

Just to check that I understand correctly. The title cards look fine :+1:
These have exported as TIFs and the alpha works as expected.

The gaps are not giving you gaps. They are solid black and therefore not transparent?

The alphas should not be solid white on the gaps, if you want them to be transparent. This will make them solid back.

Use solid black as your alpha if you want them to be transparent.

I hope I understood your problem correctly and I hope this helps.

Richard :wink:

A quick test here shows me that the gap should not produce a solid black.

I built a very basic setup

I have embedded an alpha into the titles.

I exported as a TIF sequence and if I expand the clip my clicking on the multi icon in the bottom right of the clip I can see my alpha for the titles and the gap is black which will make it transparent

I cannot seem to extract a matte from the bfx I am creating.
The only way I can is to duplicate the bfx and change the output to the alpha
I then take the two clips and make a container.
this doubles up the work.
I hope this makes sense.

Yeah @Rhiltzik

You might be better off building the title export into your BFX using a render or write node that has the correct alpha patched into the matte (blue) output of that node.

It’s been a while since I explored the properties of the alpha output from a BFX. I’ll have a look.

Is your BFX one long gap FX or are there gaps in your title timeline?

gaps in the timeline

But in my basic test I got the correct alpha from my gaps @Rhiltzik :thinking:

I installed 2023.0.1 yesterday and it seems to have fixed that problem.
not the easiest install.
hot keys not working as expected.
but at least the alpha problem is fixed.
thanks for all your help

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