Expression Help: Determine Start Frame of Batch

Hello, via standard Batch expressions, is there a way to determine the Start Frame or first frame of the Batch Group?


Not that I have found, and I have looked. Otherwise it would have been built into the fluidmorpher. It’s probably someplace in the ascii file of a saved setup, but the rigamorale of extracting it via some sort of python script is far more difficult and unelegent than just inputing it into a variable node manually. If someone has a better answer, I’d love to hear it.

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Same. That’s what I did when I wanted to use your setup in Batch:


The keyword startframe was added to the expressions in the Flame 2017 Update 1 release.

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Interesting. When Where can we see that documented.

Seriously, not only is this not in the documentation, I can’t even find it in 2017.1’s “What’s new.” Normally I tend to keep my comments on the polite side, but expressions documentation sucks ass!!! All I can find is “Start Frame,” which is not even a function.

I wonder what other keywords were added that we are not aware of. Surely “startframe” can’t be the only one.

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I’m seeing that documented for the python API, but not the basic Batch/Action expressions.

I don’t believe that refers to setting or identifying the start frame of a batch. Different syntax and different application.

This is awesome, makes things so much easier, but it really should be documented.

Thank you.

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