Extended Bicubic shape question

I know you can copy the entire animation from Verticies to UV’s and vice-versa. But is there a way to copy just one key frame?
Often you want your distortion to fade off to a certain point in time. The workaround is to start with the frame where you want it to match, and work out from there.
Shift U seems to move the points, but doesn’t make the handles match.

Although it doesn’t help, if you’re using vertex position rather than a shape channel one could use expressions to mix between a neutral position on one non animated bicubic and whatever vertex position the bicubic has at any given frame for the animated bicubic and apply the results to a third surface.

I’m pretty sure I’ve done this before.

You can copy and paste shape channel key frames. In animation channel you use the buttons at the side to do it.

This just seems to make the timing of the keyframes match, it doesn’t seem to bring the shape data with it.

I think I demoed this for FXPhD.But I should look at my old setups…


That’s a shame. It does work when you copy and paste on the same shape curve or between surfaces that have the same deformation grid (if that makes sense). Shame I can’t pop into your suite to have a bit play.

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You can always hop into the Discord Server and share screens in the suite-6 room.

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Regretfully, I am many miles away from my flame.

So I replied to this the other day, and when I read it back later I realized I had not only read the question wrong, but my reply was virtually non-sensical. I have actually delved into this deeply in the past, so now that I have a moment, I will share some insights. In an extended bicubic, vertices all have a position.z parameter, but uv’s don’t. When you copy/paste, it simply fills in the fields in order, but because there is no z in the uv’s, everything gets skewed after the first 2 parameters. When you do a “copy to UV” the application filters out the z parameters and fills everything in correctly, but it does it across the entire animation, rather than just one frame. It is also not possible to simply select the x and y of each vertices separately and paste them to the uv. I don’t know why; that just seems to be the way it is. (Interestingly enough, if you edit the text file of the action, you can manually enter expressions to these channels.) In order to accomplish what Sam would have liked to do several days ago, one needs to make a copy of the original ext. bicubic. When you want to paste just a keyframe to the UV, you connect, then break a mimic link to the dummy which syncs it up to the current state of the original, then copy to UV on the dummmy, then select the keyframe of the UV on the dummy and copy/paste just that keyframe back to the UV of the original. I’m not 100% certain, but I don’t think this works in Shape mode. And all manner of funkiness can happen when you move or delete keyframes.

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Nice work Tim. It really feels like missing functionality. Would anybody else support a feature request for a drop down under the ‘To UV’ and ‘To Vertices’ button that would allow copying only the current keyframe?
I have a use case where I would very much appreciate being able to match in and out of a warp. I know that I can set these positions before copying, but then I have to apply the same warp on several keyframes in between, which is difficult and error prone.

Yeah, I’d vote for that. Not only is what I outlined above very cumbersome, but it can be really buggy, leaving one with tangents that go off on . . . well, for lack of a better word, tangents. And I HATE not having easy access to the individual channels.

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