Un-wrapped Bicubic UV?

What’s the best way of output the un-warped texture form a projection on an extended bicubic out of action?

The un-warped of an extended bicubic I guess would be to reset your vertices but keeping the UV points.
I think I understand the question.

When you line up an ExtendedBicubic shape you use Move UV/Vertex (shift + U). This enables you to move the grid to make it the shape you want but it isn’t stretching the image.

If you want to see the un-warped texture you can just rest your Vertices and leave your UV points. Use the blue arrow next to the ResetAll button and select ResetShape.

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Yes. That!
Thank you.
And… (excuse my ignorance) how do I tell action to output that? Does it have to be through a camera?

So I have long been jealous of Nuke’s ability to output the UV of an object. A projection on a surface for example.
Flame can not really do that. I have tried to project onto flat planes and then have a witness camera above the surface and I use that as another output from action.

However this extended bicubic setup will need to be a copy of your extended bicubic either in another action or you can set up another output in action

And then turn off what you don’t want rendered or turn on what you do for each output. Using the EditOutput tool you can mute surfaces and axis in your action schematic to turn them off.

Does that help?

It helps a lot!
Yes I have the Nuke mindset when it comes to this workflow.
I wonder if there is a way of transferring the texture of the main surface to another surface that lines up with the default camera. Just thinking loud, not in front of the Flame now.
Anyway, thanks for all the help.

Ugh Ive wanted this for so long! The only work around is to ‘film’ the surface with another camera and output that. It’s not quite as tidy.

When I need this I typically use PFTrack with Image Modeling and Texture Extraction.

Yeah, was looking into this yesterday. Realized this will only work on flat surfaces, meaning without any vertex Z transform. Oh well… scarcity is the mother of invention. Good to know the limitations.

There are other work arounds to approximate UV unwrapping. They just aren’t all that pretty or easy.