External Controllers

How many of you use external controllers to make life easier?

One of of my systems I have a big 6-piece tangent which is nice, and which I have customized. That’s well established and supported.

On my Mac Studio I just started playing around with a ShuttlePro I had lying around from work in Avid and Nuendo. There was no pre-configured profile for Flame, but I came up with some useful options this morning that actually speed up roto and batch significantly, especially since it can eliminate the double and triple modifiers we use all the time.

This is where I landed after playing for an hour this morning on a job.

Particularly like that I can rest my left hand with a single button pan or scale (instead of Ctrl+Space), I have a single button for Opt + Shift to connect batch nodes, and a few others.

This little journey was actually triggered by watching this video on the space mouse and seeing the extra modifier keys there. While Spacemouse has lots of ADSK presets, it doesn’t appear to have one for Flame either, though I could totally see it being useful as well. Might see how it works. Getting one to use in Cine4D (and presume it might work in Nuke as well).

My trusty Wacom and keyboard are all I need to be productive. Ah, and Sony DualShock for occasional gaming.

A full set of Tangent Elements is collecting dust on a shelf since 2014.


The Tangents are good for doing color (they’re hold-over from Mistika and Resolve on that system). But for other short-cuts a bit bulky. If it weren’t for color work, probably wouldn’t keep them.

And yes, Wacom is mandatory. I have a large one on that system.

But I like the combination - right hand on the Wacom pen, left hand on the other controller rather than keyboard. Hand rests better, don’t have to look, and no three-finger gymanistics.

I`m a Resolve color guy most of the time. Still do not use my Elements. Even working with big BMD panel mostly do not touch it. Just not my cup of tea.

Does StreamDeck count? Can’t live without it.

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Yes, Streamdeck is a common staple. Only downside is that it’s buttons only.